We are a couple that got the idea to open up a hostel with bicycle rental in Korat while traveling in Singapore last year. Now we realized a small part of our dream with this cute B&B just in the city center :) We love to meet new people all over the world & we want them to get the best out of their stay in Korat. We want your stay in Korat as unforgettable as possible. And very important to add : To explore Korat by bike is fantastic as city center and around is quite small and you will see a lot from a different point of view. That’s why we also rent bikes to our guests, make use of it!!! it’s just a lot of fun :)))

open : June 22,2016 

#bikearound #urbanbamboo #korat #koratbike #korattrip #stayindowntown #ปั่นจักรยาน #hostelkorat #wanderlust #hostelthailand #travelthailand #travelKorat

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